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  • Xiamen Worthpart machinery Co., Ltd, an excellent supplier of Excavators parts and Bulldozers parts in China, our main products are Undercarriage Parts for excavator and bulldozer, such as track rollers, carrier rollers etc.

    With more than 8 years experience on heavy duty machinery spare parts sales, our important customers are mainly distributed in South- East Asia, Mid-East, South America and some East European countries.

Category index and key products
  • Volvo-idler-group
    Sourcing EC460, EC290, EC360 front idler for volvo excavator, volvo undercarriage parts also have carrier roller, track roller, sprocket, track chain and shoe, pins and bushings etc.
  • D4D-idler-roller
    Sourcing komatsu D3C, D4C, D4D, D4H-1, D5, D6D, D6H, D7G front idler, track roller, carrier roller, sprocket, track chain assembly, track group from worthpart.
  • E225-track-roller
    Sourcing E225 track roller, carrier roller, front idler, sprocket segment, track chain and shoe from china factory, more caterpillar excavator spares are supplied by
  • EX200-5-top-roller
    Buy ex200-5 top roller, bottom roller, front idler, sprocket, track chain and shoe from china factory, hitachi carrier roller for excavator ex200-1, ex200-2, ex300-3.
  • SK200-3-track-roller
    Buy SK200-3 track roller, carrier roller, front idler, sprocket and track chain, track shoe plate, more kobelco undercarriage parts are supplied by worthpart.
  • D31-17-Bottom-roller
    Buy D31-17 bottom roller, carrier roller, front idler, sprocket, track chain and shoe, others bulldozer roller also have D31A-15, D31A-16, D31A-17, D31A-18, D31E-18.
  • E300B-idler-roller
    Worthpart-E300B idler roller, guide wheel and track idler for excavator, E300B undercarriage parts also have track roller, carrier roller, track chain and shoe, sprocket and rim, bolt and nut etc.
  • EX120-5-Idler
    Sourcing EX120-5 front idler, carrier roller, track chain and shoe, more hitachi idlers have EX120-1, 9068144, EX120-2, 9068144, EX120-3, 9143388, EX120-5, 9143388.
  • EX100-2-Idler
    Hitachi EX100-2 Idler OEM part number 9132600, more hitachi excavator idler EX100-1, EX100-3, EX100M, EX120-1 are available now.
  • EX300-3-Idler
    Hitachi 9151028, EX300-1 idler, EX300-2 front idler, EX300-3 idler, sourcing EX300-3 undercarriage parts for excavator from China.
  • PC60-1-upper-roller
    Sourcing excavator PC60-1 upper roller, carrier roller spare parts, 103-30-00011 undercarriage parts include track roller, front idler, sprocket, track shoe plate and chain etc.
  • SK320-track-roller
    Buy sk320 track roller, bottom roller, lower roller for kobelco excavator, kobelco undercarriage parts also include carrier roller, track idler assy, sprocket and track chain etc.
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